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The Excalibur Team


Wesley Wilson, Ed.D.

Director, Educational Research & Evalution

Dr. Wesley Wilson is a nationally recognized researcher who specializes in research design and has conducted numerous program evaluations.  Dr. Wilson founded Excalibur Education Group in 2017 to provide high quality evaluation and research to higher education institions.  Dr. Wilson is certified reviewer for the IES What Works Clearinghouse in group design, and was a coauthor for the 2016 practice guide on developmental education.

Timothy Wilson, Ph.D.

Director, Data & Performance Analysis

Dr. Timothy Wilson has a Ph.D. in research methodology, and has conducted large-scale workforce training evaluation programs.  The former Executive Director of the Bellwether College Consortium, Dr. Wilson has expertise in artificial intelligence and predictive analytics.

Cynthia Newton, M.S.

Research Analyst

Cynthia Newton is an effective, efficient leader skilled in providing statistical and mathematical training to diverse populations. Ms. Newton is proficient in data mining, data cleaning, statistical analysis, as well as verbal and written presentation of statistical results. Ms. Newton is a certified reviewer for IES What Works Clearinghouse in group design.

Barbara Keener, Ed.D.

Senior Consultant

Dr. Barbara Keener is a highly engaged practitioner, educational leader, and researcher with over 30 years of experience working with institutions to implement research-based initiatives. Dr. Keener's research provides an enriched link to qualitative research in policy and practice.

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