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Educational Research & Evaluation

Educational Research

Research in education can be a mine field, and many institutions and systems do not have the expertise to conduct high-quality research.  The Excalibur team can help you document the effectiveness of your programs through the design and implementation of a research program.  The Excalibur team has deep experience in research methodology - quantitative, qualitative and mixed-methods.  

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Program Evaluation

The Excalibur Education team can assist your institution or system with the evaluation of programs, from the analysis of data to organizing focus groups to the preparing of reports.  The proper and systematic evaluation of a program or initiative will enhance its overall effectiveness.  The Excalibur team will work collaboratively with your stakeholders to design and implement the evaluation of your program.  

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Performance Analysis

The Excalibur team can assist with the proper analysis of data and help to identify trends, tendencies, strengths, and opportunities.  Armed with this knowledge, strategies can be formed and steps can be taken to both build on current successes and remedy potential weaknesses.  The Excalibur Education team can work with institutions, states, or systems to provide a third-party, external analysis of the data.  

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