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Timothy Wilson, Ph.D.

Timothy J. Wilson, Ph.D. is the Director of Research and Partnerships for BLDG-25, Inc. where he develops and researches the latest uses of emerging technologies in the training and development area. In addition, Dr. Wilson serves as the Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer for the Intelligence Factory, which is an Artificial Intelligence Solutions and Training company. Dr. Wilson was the Executive Director of the Bellwether College Consortium and the Applied Center for Workforce Research located in San Antonio, TX.  Dr. Wilson serves as a consultant with the San Antonio Works initiative in developing a predictive analytics model for the SA 2020 goals.  Dr. Wilson has been a consultant in international higher education as serving the president of International Education Pathways. Dr. Wilson has conducted research for both the National Council for Continuing Education and Training (NCCET) on workforce training and the National Student Clearinghouse on reverse transfer.  Dr. Wilson serves has also led two start-up IT companies that have addressed virtual government compliance training and virtual training for correctional reentry education and student development in higher education.  Dr. Wilson has also conducted research on trends of online workforce training in the food processing industry.

Dr. Wilson has developed and fostered international agreements and partnerships in the areas of research and student exchanges with over 40 different countries. Tim has broad international experience consisting of teaching English as a second language courses, immigration advising, institutional partnerships and exchanges, and conducting training and development at universities worldwide. In addition, he has consulted international schools in the areas of hospitality and tourism. Trained in research and evaluation methodology, Tim has extensive experience in the areas of program evaluation and institutional research. He has served on the International Taskforce for the University of Florida’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) where he assisted in the developed the university’s accreditation assessment plan and developed the QEP’s intercultural instrument. Tim has served as the Executive Director for the Community College Futures Assembly, an independent policy think tank for community colleges.  As the Executive Director, Tim has been instrumental in evaluating and promoting best practices among community colleges in the areas of student success, workforce development, and institutional effectiveness.  Tim received his Ph.D. in 2014 from the University of Florida in Higher Education Administration with an emphasis in Research and Evaluation Methodology.

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